Post Apocalypse Hovel

Created by extraevildave for our Weather It Competition.

Continuing my post apocalypse theme (1962 Cuban missile war) I decided to build a 28/25mm scale hovel for the wretched survivors to huddle in.
A standard corner ruin, made from 5mm foamboard, was the starting point. A wood frame was constructed of stained and distressed wood and then corrugated card painted up as assorted pieces of old corrugated iron was glued around the frame. A couple of old advertising signs were printed from pictures found on the net and used as additional scavenged building materials. The front door was made from balsa wood and partially varnished and then stained with a iron/vinegar weathering solution to age it. The roof was then assembled in the same way as the walls.
For fine detailing miniature prints of old newspapers were stained and scattered as litter. A number of rusty cans were made from 3mm plastic tube and also scattered around. For the plants several grass tufts were glued near to the walls, away from heavy traffic areas. The climbing plant is glued on coarse turf flocking. The weeds are made from some kind of florist decorative material I found many years ago and finally the dead leaves are a mix of black and brown tea leaves.
The whole thing is based on a 150mm by 150mm piece of 5mm thick cork tile.
The hovel itself is roughly 100mm wide, 90mm deep and stands 55mm tall (65 if you count the chimney).


Keywords: metalworkS post-apocalypseS rustS shacksS weatheringS

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