Imperial Star Destroyer

Created by ableman33 and came 1st in our our Hug The Ground Competition.

This project is the interior of an imperial star destroyer intended for use in a Star Wars RPG campaign or Star Wars Miniatures battle. It is 2 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 7 inches tall at its tallest point.

It is made out of three 4-foot long section. Luan plywood and 1x2s were used to make the bases with more luan plywood for the side walls.

The floors were made from scored foam core braced with plastic tile edging strips that look like struts.

The gaps beneath the foam core walkways hide battery powered LED holiday light strings. These are used to illuminate the maps. Holes were then cut wherever light was needed for surface light sources.

Engineering details were made from water filters, nut container lids, Gatorade bottles, LEGOs, and recycled Star Wars toys from the 70's and 80's. Bridge spans and elevated walkways were made from computer power supply housings and CD player parts.

Heavy card and item placement were used to layout a 1-inch square grid which is used in the RPG. The foam core was scored and the luan base of the command bridge was marked with narrow permanent marker to further indicate the grid.

Finally, printed paper textures were used for control panels, light panels, and doors. Some of these panels were illuminated from behind with LEDs.

This project was both a personal challenge to myself, to make a piece of technical terrain, and a surprise gift to the players in my campaign for three and a half years of joint creative fun.


Keywords: electricsS gaming tablesS space hulkS spaceshipS star warsS

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