Boot hill

Created by havre and came 2nd in our our Hug The Ground Competition.

Playability and good looks - will those two never unite?

Hills are a common feature in wargames but pose challenges when it comes to figure placement. This is my take on the issue using vertical, slightly concave sides; resulting in interesting scenery while keeping the piece playable. A couple of free standing supports are recommended for placing movement trays and model bases.

The hill is 2" high and 8" long and made for 28-32 mm miniature wargaming. On two sides a crumbling retaining wall still supports a graveyard, while the ground soil is washed away on the other sides exposing two graves. Soil is made from a mix of spackle, PVA and paint with a mix of planting soil, sand and coffee added after a sprinkle of pebbles. A mix of soil and roots are glued at the rim.

The retaining walls are stamped out from styrofoam and painted different shades of terracotta.

The skeletal remains on the top are from a poor guy being buried alive; he managed to almost make his way freedom before perishing. The gravedigger thought he heard some noises but after all: he gets paid only when the grave is filled. Loose soil is ground coffee and skeleton is GW.

On the side an exposed coffin (or crate more like it) is made from split steering pins glued with PVA and painted, containing a skeleton from GW.

Drain pipes spill out water, made from water effect and plastic pipes.

Different kinds of spackle are added on top to represent top soil, vegetation and a dirt track.


Keywords: brickworkS graveyardS hillsS wallsS

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