Overgrown Train Tracks

Created by AndyScrap and came 3rd in our our Reclaimed By Nature Competition.

On the ledge of a rocky cliff, lies an abandoned old railway track to nowhere. The flooding river partially destroyed the wooden bridge and crumbled away the ground beneath. Mother Nature reclaims what was once hers.

Tracks: HO scale built on a wooden board measuring 40cm x30cm. The plastic sleepers were distressed by hand using a hobby knife to give them a splintered old wooden look and painted greenish brown. Actual track rusted with brown ink.

Cliff: Expanded foam and tree bark covered in PVA glue dirt mix, and painted green & brown with dry brushed highlights.

Water: Foam (white expanded polystyrene) painted dark green in the middle and light green towards edge before covered with clear silicone. White highlights added to show water flow.

Bridge: Balsa wood painted in shades of green and brown with flock where moss would normally grow. Bridge distressed to show rotting and decay.

Overgrowth: Homemade sawdust flocking shaded with various green acrylic paints and a mixture of dirt, sand and pebbles.


Keywords: bridgesS cliffS mossS railroadS riversS

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