Disused Sewage Pipe

Created by lahmianvampyrevenom for our Reclaimed By Nature Competition.

This project is a 28 mm scale disused sewage pipe for use in Warhammer. The model in the images is on a standard 2 cm round base.

For the pipe itself I used an old, empty herb pot and built it into a hill made from tile adhesive/grout. I used more adhesive inside the pipe to make sediment.

I created a dried, cracked area of earth around the little remaining sewage stream by cutting up thin cardboard and glueing in place and painting. I put small pieces of slate and patches of grass amongst the dried dirt to make it more interesting. The wet area is painted with a mix of browns, green and a touch of blue topped with several coats of varnish and a final coat of brown ink and varnish. Inside the pipe, the sediment is brushed with brown and green and given one coat of varnish.

I used floristry wire with cotton wool glued on the end and dipped in watered down ink to create bullrushes while covering wire frames with green stuff to make trees, which I topped with scouring pad and gently brushed with red to make the trees appear more like saplings. I also used craft flowers to make giant mutant flowers beside the pipe.

I used pieces of floristry wire, painted using two techniques, for pieces of the grating that would have once covered the pipe. The rustier pieces are twisted in the water and pipe while the remaining pieces are found amongst the grass, with the grass growing over the top. The piece is finished with two different shades of grass flock for interest.


Keywords: grassS hillsS pipeworkS riversS treesS waterS

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