Paper MiG Wreckage

Created by Kishkumen and came 1st in our our Reclaimed By Nature Competition.

This entry was built at 1:48 scale to be used with 28mm modern skirmish miniatures. The largest piece measures 13 inches on its longest dimension.

This is a MiG-23 that took an AIM-9 Sidewinder hit amidship, splitting the fuselage in two. Because the two pieces would be unlikely to land next to each other, this entry was made as two separate pieces to be placed anywhere on the table.

The plane was made entirely from cardstock. The finished model was torn in half to make the two parts.

Canopy frame was cut from cardstock with plastic glued behind to make plexiglass. The plastic was colored with a yellow Sharpie marker. Instruments were printed and glued to the instrument panel.

The exposed jet engine is a plastic spool from receipt paper, covered with cardstock strips to provide relief. Engine compressor fan is made from paper, and the hub is a push-button from a cheap clip-on LED light.

The fuselage got weathered by applying silver paint with a sponge. This represents years of the wind sand-blasting paint down to the bare aluminum.

Bases are MDF wood coated with spackling compound. Rocks and sand pushed into wet spackling compound create a desert background texture. After painting, lichen and paintbrush bristles were glued to create desert plants. These were also shoved into the air intakes and other holes to represent animal burrows.

On the tabletop, these pieces would be used as hard cover and elevated terrain.


Keywords: desertS paperS rocksS wrecksS

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