Misery Bridge

Created by Mars Radd and came 2nd in our our Elemental Union Competition.

In war bridges are crucial points, either to control or to destroy. This terrain piece meets those needs by providing a segment of river with a bridge spanning it with both intact and destroyed versions to meet the needs of different scenarios or to represent changing conditions of the battlefield.
The central segments of bridge were made primarily from foamcore, accentuated with sewing pins, thread for cables and stir sticks as the under structure. The damaged bridge was made by dripping superglue onto the foam, dissolving it into a wrecked form.
The piece was based on corrugated cardboard. One bank was built up with packing foam and the whole thing covered with acrylic caulking dappled to a grasslike texture. The water of the river was made by layering white glue with clear fingernail polish, and given a couple washes of blue to give a sense of depth.
The base measure 6 3/8th inches (162mm) along the river and 9 1/2th inches (240mm) along the road with the bridge standing 2 1/4 inches (57mm) to the top of the arch.


Keywords: bridgesS fireS modularS riversS roadsS

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