A Boggy Board

Created by Pete and came 1st in our our Elemental Union Competition.

Hear the story, nay the saga, of the union of earth and water, listen:

I started with a simple build, made from ply-wood and polystyrene on a 2”x1” batten frame to hold the plywood in place and 4”x1” to protect the surface from damage. It is 4’x4’ nominally. Basic ground cover was made from a blend of various flocks and static grass over sieved earth.

What you see is an English summer on a riverbank, far enough upstream that a bridge could be built, but not so far up that a longship couldn’t reach.

So, what do you see?

Reeds, bulrushes, gorse, scrub oak? Yes. Brambles, gorse, fireweed, ragwort, mayweed and willow too.

The reeds are made from copy paper painted green with a stem of wire to represent the flower spike. The flower itself is made from crushed black pepper. The fireweed, gorse and bramble are made from modelling lichen covered in coarse flock. In the case of the fireweed, flower bracts from a hydrangea were dipped in PVA and then in pink flock. The smaller plants were made from buddleja flower bracts and a different sort of lichen I found on a tree. These were painted and then the tips were glued and dipped in white or yellow flock.

The trees are handmade from wire covered in gripfil glue to make the bark. The foliage is Woodland Scenics Foliage.

The bridge is scratch built from balsa, a bamboo place mat and some stones. The longship is a resin kit from Gripping Beast.

The water is made from polyester resin.


Keywords: boatsS bridgesS foliageS gaming tablesS treesS waterS

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