Rock Island

Created by lahmianvampyrevenom for our Elemental Union Competition.

Inspired by the beauty of La Digue island, Seychelles, comes a rock formation in a lake.

The base is plaster board measuring 1' x 1'. The rock is formed of boxes and other household packaging covered in balls of papier mache and plaster. The water is water effects which made the waterfall by overflowing the pool.

Various plants were included, an area of succulent was made by painting partially used nutmegs while the pink flower buds are painted cloves. The ground cover plants were made using torn up sections of scouring pad which were dipped in PVA and dried herbs to give a more natural look with random leaves painted to give the impression of tiny flowers.

The piece was finished using a mix of three grass mixes around the edge and in patches on the rock.


Keywords: flowerS islandsS poolsS rocksS waterS waterfallsS

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