Bromeliads... In The Swamp

Created by turbomagnus for our Elemental Union Competition.

Based on the two halves of a broken CD, I present "Bromeliads... In The Swamp".

The Bromeliads themselves are created by taking a pencil sharpener and 'sharpening' pieces of sprue. The plastic shavings curled up into rather nice looking plants that, once the bottom was trimmed to provide a flat area to glue to the base, work almost anywhere.

The rocky outcroppings are floral foam lightly coated with mixtures of tea and glue, coffee and glue and dirt and glue, respectively - all painted Games Workshop "Scorched Brown."

The ground areas are just simply tea glued to the bases. The two grassy areas on the tree half are Fine Turf Green Grass, while the moss is Coarse Turf.

The tree itself is simply a stick, broken to size and then artifically aged with a wash of Scorched Brown and a drybrushing of Bleached Bone to make it look like it's not freshly fallen.

The Bromeliads, as mentioned, are sprue shavings. The outsides have been painted Dark Angels Green and the insides are Camo Green, with Liche Purple painted on the tips of the leaves.

If you notice a difference between the water areas on the two halves, that's because with the rocky half, I tried wax-based water, but it didn't turn out right, so on the Tree Half, I just painted my 'Murky Swamp' mixture directly onto the CD instead of trying to pour wax and paint that.
Murky Swamp is a mixture of Vallejo Scorpion Green, GW Ice Blue, Dark Flesh and a touch of Scorched Brown.


Keywords: basesS rocksS shrubsS swampsS treesS waterS

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