Building site of a church with scaffold

Created by Alabastero and came 1st in our our Elevation Change Competition.

This model is part of my Freebooters Fate terrain collection. It belongs to a bigger, 17th century Caribbean style town, but I tried to keep it as universal as possible.

The size of the base is 27x35cm. The highest point of the scaffold is 17cm. The scale is 28mm.

I started with an MDF base on which I constructed the overall layout of the church with pink foam. On top of the pink foam came a small layer of cardboard to have a distinction between the pink foam basis and the fieldstone walls on top. The rest of the walls where then constructed by using Hirst Arts stones (mold #70 and #75). The whole church was then painted grey and received a black wash and white highlights with cheap wall paint.

After this, I drilled holes into the base for the scaffolding. In the holes I glued cocktail stirrers, so the whole construction had a good foothold. The planks are simple coffee stirrers available at any fast food restaurant. Everything holds together with superglue, but I added some thread to every joint to make it look more realistic (they didn't have superglue in those days...).

The leftover wood I used to construct some details like planks laying around (those builders are so messy...) or ladders.

One of the most successful things was to color the wooden parts before putting them in place. I used watered down acrylic paint (around 4:1) and bathed all the wooden parts in it. It saved a lot of time and looks more realistic.


Keywords: hirst artsS walkwaysS woodworkS

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