Dice tower command post for 40k

Created by over-the-hill and came 2nd in our our Elevation Change Competition.

This combination dice tower, command post, repair and supply depot is for figures 28/30mm and will be used for 40K games. 5mm MDF was used throughout for the main building and base, 48cm long 34cm wide, the height is 23cm to top of lookout and 70mm to top of walls around compound. PVA glue used to bond it all together, cereal box card used to make the tool cabinet shutters. Coffee stirrer sticks, 3mm MDF, Craft plastic mesh ("granny grating") used on main gate, flooring, stairs and landings. Ladders are 10mm staples with electric flex grommets.

The tower was painted with Lime-Pie coloured craft acrylic, this was then washed (1:10) with a mix of dark brown and dark green in equal amounts with water. All metallic parts were painted with GW Chainmail washed over with red, brown, black inks also from GW. Detail parts from GW tanks have been used as sensors, guns, search lights. The banners hanging from front walls are made from copper plant tags, painted in green and red washed with the same as used on walls, GW tank bits painted then glued on.

Base finish is natural ballast, static grass, scatter, plastic fish tank plants and golf shoe studs. The main gate and internal doors can be opened. To load dice the lookout at top of tower lifts off, when dice are loaded magnets keep hatch shut till released by pressing the long pin at back, they then fall down a chute into the assembly area.


Keywords: 40kS depotS dice towersS mdfS

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