Tol Amarna Desert Dwelling

Created by Munin and came 3rd in our our Elevation Change Competition.

This building is made from foamcore. Once the basic shapes are cut and fitted, an internal buttress of cardboard is inserted. This keeps everything sturdy and square, and gives support for the roof.

A layer of spackle is applied and sanded, giving an adobe-like texture. This surface takes drybrushing extremely well.

For details, the doors are layered card and paper rivets made using a 2mm punch. The windows are patch material for a screen, cut to fit and stuck onto blackened card. These are glued inside the building to give an impression of an inset, mullioned window.

The pipes are 3/16" dowel cut at a 45 degree angle, paired, and filed to a rounded 90 degree elbow. The flanges are made from card and the bolts are tiny slices of 3/64" styrene rod. A light metallic drybrush gives a worn appearance.

The styrene rod is also used for the cable stays. The cable itself is rosin-core solder, which is very soft, easy to work without tools, and easy to straighten.

Since this competition was about multiple levels, I wanted to show not only elevation change, but give some nod as to how that change is accomplished, hence the ladders. The rungs are made from plastic-coated 18-gauge steel wire with rings cut from a cotton swab shaft. The base plates for the top rungs are simply tiny squares of card with more rivets made from styrene rod.

This building is intended for 28mm scale models. The base (3mm MDF painted and covered with PVA and sand) is roughly 9" x 10"


Keywords: 40kS desertS foamcoreS laddersS spackleS windowsS

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