The Old Stable

Created by Zaboobadidoo Sr. and came 1st in our our Wombling Free Competition.

Once a proud part of an estate, now it is an old stable, run down, collapsing, crumbling, yet somehow still serviceable. A formerly wealthy plot of land has fallen into disrepair and neglect.

The stable walls are made of polystyrene foam, into which I etched the stone with a pen. I cut away the bricks to make the broken walls. I also cut into the walls with a knife, then redrew stones to give the walls an uneven/crumbling look. The walls were painted black, then beige, then given a series of black, brown, and green washes.

The roof structure was made of balsa rafters, and thin strips of balsa for the purlins. The shingles were made from strips of cardboard cut to different widths. The shingles around the hole in the roof are made individually rather than strips, and were placed one by one around the hole. The roof is removable so that figures can be placed inside the stable.

The tree is a wire armature, covered with a core of Super Sculpey, then a textured layer of milliput to simulate the bark. The foliage is from Woodland Scenics.

The doors are balsa textured with a wire brush. The gate is made of plastruct rods and strips. The tips were made by heating them up, pressing them flat, then cutting them to make a point. The completed gates were then heated up and bent before being painted.

The grass is various hues and lengths of WS and Silfoil static grass.

The piece measures 28cm x 36cm, or 11" x 14".

The figures are 28 mm.


Keywords: doorsS farmingS grassS roofS treesS wallsS

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