Escomb Anglo-Saxon church

Created by M21A and came 3rd in our our Wombling Free Competition.

This Anglo-Saxon church is based on a real church called Escomb in County Durham. It was constructed for 28mm dark ages skirmish war gaming. The base dimensions are 19 x 9 inches. The main body of the church is constructed from foam board clad in depron foam. This allowed the stonework to be etched on. The roof is also foam board. This was covered in towel, applied and shaped with a watered down solution of PVA glue. The roof ridge is just another length of hand towel applied in the same format. The roof was dry brushed from a black basecoat through progressive lighter shades of grey to almost white. The model is based on plywood and the ground cover was a mixture of glue, plaster, cork pieces and sand. This was then dry brushed from a black basecoat through various shades of brown to a bone colour. After painting various shades of static grass was applied using PVA glue. The gospel book, candlesticks & sun dial are all made from Fimo classic clay. They were then painted in normal hobby acrylics. The tables and church doors are made from balsa wood. The banners and hangings were lightly hand drawn with a pencil onto heavy parchment type paper. After this they were then painted with acrylics. The banner rods are cocktail sticks. The walls of the church were base coated in a light bone colour. After this they were stained with various shades of black, brown, green & blue Army painter inks. Finally a light dry brushing of the highlighted basecoat colour was applied.


Keywords: balsaS brickworkS foamcoreS modelling clayS shrinesS thatchS

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