Pink Foam Beach Tiles and Island

Created by Alabastero for our Wombling Free Competition.

These beach tiles are an addition to an already existent table with rectangular bottom tiles. To have more variety in playing and to be able to play beachhead missions I was building these tiles in this competititon.

They are based on a 2"/5cm layer of pink foam with 5mm MDF tiles on top. All the tiles are 8"/20cm wide with different lengths between 8"/20cm and 16"/40cm.

The pink foam was cut with Foam Factory's cutting table which proved to be the only tool capable cutting such long cuts with precision into pink foam. To give the pink foam a better surface I added a layer of spackle, then I glued sand on top.

The painting was achieved with cheap acrylic paint starting with a sand/sahara color, next bamboo white finishing with pure white. I tried to make the sand closer to the water a bit lighter. After all I glued two sorts of static grass in an irregular pattern on the tiles.

The island was built the same way without the MDF, as it doesn't have to fit to the rest of the board.

On the pictures you see the finished tiles on my blue sea surface table. That's the only place they make real sense.


Keywords: gaming tablesS islandsS shorelinesS styrofoamS waterS

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