Concrete Urban Walls with breachings

Created by Alabastero and came 3rd in our our Copy It Competition.

These walls consist of 10 pieces, each being 8" long and about 1.5" wide. They are designed for an urban post-apoc grim-future scenario.

They are copied from another members entry in the Showcase forum, you can see his walls on the last picture. I decided to make some changes, as I will be carrying these walls often around. First I used metal bases, which I bought a year ago for a woodworking project. These bases were covered with masking tape to cover the holes. And give the glue a better material to stick to.

The walls are built of 1.25" foam and the topping of 0.4" foam. I used a hot knife from Hot Wire Foam Factory to cut the regular shapes of concrete blocks into the walls.

The whole thing was then painted grey adding a light grey dry brush. On the top tiles I painted yellow stripes with GW bad moon yellow.


Keywords: concreteS urbanscapeS wallsS

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