Oil Tanks - intact and destroyed

Created by Alabastero and came 2nd in our our Before & After Competition.

These pieces are built in 28mm scale for an urban/scifi/post-apoc style board. The bases measure roughly 7.5" diameter. They represent an intact and exploded gas or oil tank in some refinery.

Here is the one-sentence-story behind the pieces:
'They often played jokes on the smoking guy who worked in the nightshift, but this time they possibly went a bit too far when they painted white color over those four letters on the sign over the broken security valve.'

Here is how I built it:
I started with two same bases cut out of 3mm MDF with a jigsaw. For the intact tank I used a big round box cover of a blank CD-spindle. For the broken tank I used the same thing just a bit smaller. With a hobby knife and a tong I cut the explosion damages into the sides of the spindle.

On the bases I glued sand and some plaster leftovers as generic rubble. The tanks where primed black, then sprayed silver. A normal silver color would have done as well. The rusty, worn effect was achieved with a brown and a black wash as well as some dry brushing with a copper like color.

The signs were printed on heavy paper and received a light brown wash as well. For the big numbers on the the tank I cut out a template and used a normal spray paint.

I always wanted to have destroyable terrain features. Now I have one!


Keywords: barriersS debrisS ruinsS signsS urbanscapeS

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