Dystopian Vending Machines

Created by extraevildave and came 1st in our our Before & After Competition.

For this competition I decided to make some small pieces suitable for modern, sci-fi and post apocalyptic urban gaming in 28mm scale. Vending machines seemed a good way to go, they're colourful, provide cover and add character to a gaming table.
I created a basic template for the machines applied the selected dystopian graphic designs to each and printed them on 200 GSM card. They were then cut out, scored and folded. Product display windows were made from plastic packaging and glued to the inside of the machines. The displayed products were glued to a styrofoam core which was then clad in the vending machines card casing. Finally the controls were made of several layers of printed and painted card and glued on.
The damaged versions were made in the same basic fashion as the intact ones with the main changes being purely visual, weathering, broken glass, the arm of an idiot etc.
The litter scattered around the machines is an assortment of cigarette packs, snack bar wrappers, packs of assorted Soylent Corporation products and old news papers and magazines, all printed on card or paper.

The average size of the machines is 40mm from base to top, about 20mm wide and 15mm to 23mm deep depending on the machine. The smaller cigarette machine is a mere 25mm tall.

And now a word from the Surgeon General*.
"Remember you should all smoke at least 2 packs of cigarettes a day for robust Health."

*The Surgeon General is a wholly owned subsiduary of the Soylent Corporation.


Keywords: 28mmS modernS sci-fiS urbanS wrecksS

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