Formal Water Feature

Created by lahmianvampyrevenom and came 3rd in our our Before & After Competition.

A formal water feature that deteriorates when left unattended and abandoned.

These pieces are 28 mm scale and are based on plasterboard, the before piece base measuring 16 x 11.5 cm and the after measuring 19 x 11.5cm. The pots are made from white air drying clay washed with a sepia wash to give a natural look. The broken pots were made hollow and positioned roughly before being broken and fragments arranged on the base. The planting was clump foliage and was applied down the side of the overgrown pots and over one corner of the pool. Grass was also added to the after piece to show the abandonment.

The marble walls of the pools were made from pieces of square dowel built up with various shades to give a natural base colour and black marbling. A final coat of gloss varnish gives it a polished stone look.

The water in the before pool was built up with various shades of blue and the after with various shades of green before several coats of gloss varnish to make it look like water.


Keywords: foliageS poolsS stoneworkS waterS

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