Memory Server Terminal (a.k.a. Prothean

Created by Paladin and came 2nd in our our Knowledge is Power Competition.

In the Mass Effect Universe, the Protheans were a race that had evolved the ability to transmit and receive memories through physical contact. While they went extinct 50,000 years ago, their relics remain. The Beacons are large repositories of physical memories than can be accessed by interfacing through telegraphic imagery.

The piece is composed of three materials: sheet styrene (in 0.5mm and 1mm thicknesses), PETG plastic (essentially clear sheet styrene, about 0.8 mm thick), and printable transparency film. The form of the model was generated in SketchUp, and I exported a pattern from this model to cut out the pieces in a fairly precise fashion. Clear plastic comprises the structure of the model which allows the LED light to show through the openings in the outer layers of sheet styrene. I used PlasticWeld as a bonding agent, and then used an X-Acto blade and sand paper to round and smooth the edges. Using Photoshop, I produced an image of circuitry, providing a high-tech look to the computer innards of the piece which was printed on printable transparency film. The piece was painted with a two-tone color palette in mind: a deep, shimmering midnight blue, and flat light gray. Using a stippling method, I weathered both color tones with shades of brown, cherry red, and orange clay to produce effects of rust and aging that are appropriate for a 50,000-year-old artifact.

The piece is rougly 6.5" tall, 3.5" deep, and 2" wide (16.5 x 9 x 5 cm).


Keywords: 15mmS 25mmS artifactS consolesS science fictionS

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