The Tent of the Fortune Teller

Created by Alabastero and came 1st in our our Knowledge is Power Competition.

This is a fortune teller's tent for a historic setting in 28mm scale (1:56). The size of the base has a diameter of 8", the tent is 7" high.

The base for the tent was cut out of 5mm MDF with a jigsaw. For the upstanding poles I drilled small holes into the base in which I stuck the poles. For the poles I used cocktail sticks which where bathed in very thin, brown acrylic wall paint before. The horizontal joints were made of the same material and glued together with superglue and bound with thread.

For the sides of the tent I used a technique called napkin technique. I started with white cardboard for the sides. On the cardboard I glued the surface layer of an oriental styled napkin with hobby glue. After drying it's very important to seal the surface twice with varnish, because the napkin surface is very prone to water and touches in general.

The same technique was used for the roof. The base of the roof was constructed out of pink foam. The shape of the roof was cut out with a hot wire foam factory cutter.

For The inside of the tent I used different materials:
- floor: coffee stirring sticks bathed in thin brown acrylic paint
- cupboards: balsa wood colored in the same way
- throne and chair: pink foam
- carpet: cut out of an advertising magazine
- candles: plastic tubes and putty
- stuff: playmobil pieces from my sons toy box (got his approval)
- signs: printed on cardboard

I just lost the marble which was meant to be a crystal ball.


Keywords: encampmentS napkin techniqueS orientalS roofS signsS

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