Lost Knowledge Markers

Created by Mars Radd for our Knowledge is Power Competition.

In the ruins of a future Earth lie glimpses into the lost history of the civilizations that once were. Both valued highly, by those who seek to piece together that lost history, and condemned, by those with power who would seek to keep mankind ignorant and easily controlled, all forms of surviving knowledge are important.

These markers will be used as a sort of loot for players in a post-apocalyptic wargame. They are all based on thin cardboard 1.25 inches square, with sand and/or wood stir sticks providing ground texture with a mixed green grass flocking.

The books were made by wrapping heavy paper around wood stir sticks and painting accordingly. The bookshelf is a simple stir construction, as is the floor and walls of the charging cord piece.
The laptop and cellphone are made of layers of thin cardboard with a screen image and clear plastic screen sandwiched between. The dead soldier is a plaster casting I made from an actual miniature. The newsstand is made from thin cardboard, cut, folded and layered. Hard to see in the pictures is a few scattered pieces of silver glitter to represent coins. The newspapers are folded strips of paper stacked, with the one outside glued in a manner suggesting being blown in the wind.


Keywords: booksS cardboardS furnitureS markersS paperS

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