Gallows and Pillory

Created by Alabastero and came 2nd in our our Law & Order Competition.

This is small piece of terraiin suitable for any medieval or rennaissance setting. The scale is 28mm/1:56 and the size of the base approximatly 9" x 3".

I started with a 5mm/0.2" MDF base with sloped edges.

For the gallows I used a core of 1" pink foam and prepainted balsa wood and coffee stirring sticks. For the prepainting process I used brown acrylic wall paint and water and made a very thin solution (like orange juice). I put all the wooden parts into the solution for around 5 minutes and let them dry overnight. The dried wood looks like real wood and it keeps its spefcific wood structure. The noose is built of normal string.

The pillory is built pretty much the same way. The holes for the hands are cut into with punch pliers.

After the construction of all the wooden parts I enhanced the base by glueing different things on it:
- sand
- static grass
- grass tuft
- small stones
- model plants
- two barrels I bought a while ago

That's it. I'm happy about it. Even if it has no significant impact on the battlefield it enhances the overall look of a table.


Keywords: balsaS medievalS woodenS

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