Adeptus Arbites Sector House

Created by Ambience 327 and came 1st in our our Law & Order Competition.

A Sector House is much smaller than the mighty Precinct Fortress or Courthouse that is the ultimate symbol of the authority of the Adeptus Arbites. (The Arbites are the enforcers of Imperial Law - think national police with unlimited jurisdiction within the strict letter of the law.) These outposts are spread throughout a Precinct to give Arbites Patrol Teams and Response Teams a staging area, a place to rest, restock and reload. They also make great fortifications in which to hold out against citizen uprisings and outright rebellion.

I built the Sector House primarily from foamboard (with the paper peeled from one side to allow for better texture). Additional details were added with wooden molding, wood and plastic pillars, and various bits from Games Workshop scenery kits, as well as various pieces of plasticard/sheet styrene. The Arbites winged fist logos were created using Imperial Eagles with fists sculpted from Procreate modelling putty.

My Sector House is designed to roughly emulate the dimensions of the Imperial Bastion fortification as produced by Games Workshop, so as to allow it to be used as one in games involving my Arbites army. The main portion of the building (not counting the "front porch"), is 6" square to the corners of the square pillars. The top of the battlements are roughly 6-1/2" from the base of the walls.

Base coat painting was done with FolkArt brand acrylic craft paints, with details done using Citadel Colours paints from Games Workshop.


Keywords: bunkersS foamcoreS fortificationsS gothicS imperialS styreneS

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