Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Created by lahmianvampyrevenom and came 2nd in our our A to B Competition.

This piece is approximately 30 cm long, intended for use with 28 mm scale models, and made mostly from polystyrene foam and finished with interior sealant.

The basic shape was cut into the foam and the river bed carved out. Pieces of foam were then stacked and carved to form the rocks. The bridge was made from stacked pieces of foam which were then carved to form steps, the sides being made by cutting the shape and separating it into two half thickness pieces before using a ball point pen to carve the shape of the bricks. The piece was painted using various greys for the rocks, browns for the bridge and blues and greens for the water.

The water was made using clear interior sealant, made to look rough and flowing using a finger, once dry it was dry brushed with white to add to the white water effect. A section of path was added to either side of the bridge by painting a light stone-brown and dry brushing with a darker brown, The piece was finished with grass flock at the edges.


Keywords: bridgesS riversS rocksS waterS

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