Warehouse loading dock

Created by extraevildave and came 1st in our our A to B Competition.

A 28mm scale warehouse and loading dock.

The warehouse was created with 10mm foamboard scored and textured as crumbling brickwork with a roof made from fine corrugated card.
The warehouse was painted in assorted shades of red and given several brown washes and then a light drybrush for highlighting. The roof was painted with a rust coloured paint, washed in brown and highlighted with bright orange.

The loading dock was made from 5mm foamboard with the brick supports done in the same way as the warehouse walls. The concrete section was painted with a watered down sandstone coloured paint and then given a very light brown wash.

The assorted graffiti was created by using a combination of Gimp and Microsoft Paint and was then printed out and glued into place.

The entire structure is free standing with no attached base (to make it easier to add a modular interior, planned for the future). It measures 24 cm by 22 cm and is 12 cm tall at the highest point.


Keywords: brickworkS concreteS GraffitiS rustS warehouseS

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