Urban Items

Created by Elderac for our One Inch Base Competition.

I chose to make a collection of scatter items for this competition. As per the rules, all items are on a one inch base, here I am using fender washers as bases.

My city board will have a gray base (Hippo Gray from Ceramcoat) So all the bases were painted to match.

The pots for the trees are wooden candle cups. They were filled with putty and had purchased trees set in them. Coffee grounds serve as mulch.

The hazard barrels are wooden barrels are wooden. They were primed, painted, and placed on the base. The base color is American Bright Orange. I added two stripes of Ceramcoat Pearl White to emulate the reflective tape.

The base of the flagpoles are wooden flower pots that were filled with wood putty and glued to the base. The flag pole is an aluminum tube and the finial is a pin. The pin can be removed and the flags changed out. The flag poles are the tallest objects at 4-1/8 inches.

The street lamps I purchased in an after Christmas sale and wish they had more. They were glued to the bases, painted, and dry brushed.

The power boxes are made from an office flag dispenser. The warning sign I made on the computer and printed out. I used a larger version in an earlier competition.

All items were given a wash and then sealed with Dulcoat.

The police box is on a larger base, but since it is a purchased item simply glued to a base, it is included for reference. The figure is a 28mm figure from Reaper Miniatures, included for reference.


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