Deadly Plants and Fungi

Created by lahmianvampyrevenom for our One Inch Base Competition.

A selection of deadly plants and fungi made from minimal materials of clay, green stuff and florists wire.

The tree stump and flat fungi were sculpted from clay. Starting with the trunk of the tree and adding the roots, these were then textured before the fungi was added, made from flattening small pieces of clay and attached using a sculpting tool. Various browns were used to paint the stump while pink was blended to white for the fungi.

The hollow fungi was made by taking a ball of clay and using a paintbrush for the larger fungi and tweezers for smaller fungi they were pushed into place and a hollow opened up inside. They were painted to show various ages of fungi with shades of brown, yellow and cream with red spots added to show their poisonous nature.

The berries were made by cutting short pieces of wire and attaching small balls of green stuff. The stems were painted green while the berries were painted shades of red, orange and green then highlighted white to show a shine.

The tendrils were made by bending wire to the desired shape before coating in green stuff and sculpting into a more tapered shape. They were then painted blending from a dark grey to a pale green and finished off with a touch of creeping gloss at the tips to make them appear sticky or slimy. These, being the tallest and widest piece, measure approximately 3 cm high by 4.5 cm wide

All the pieces were then based using a flock mix of glade grass, grass and scorched grass.


Keywords: berriesS floraS fungiS

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