Statues and Memorials

Created by TheDreamer for our One Inch Base Competition.

My entry for this competition consists of 4 statues or memorials. I wanted to introduce different types of neglect - from nearly pristine (the memorial) to the completely abandoned (Space Marine statue).

The first is a wayside shrine. Made from plasticard, this represents a simple structure that provides a bit of shelter to the statue of some ancient god. Various items have been left in tribute, mostly weapons which are going rusty with age. The plinth of the statue is made from blue polystyrene done in the usual GW grey rock style. The candles are plastic rods. I've used small ship nails to hold the shields to the side of the shrine.

The memorial tries to represent one that is more cared for. It's made from balsa wood. The paint is a sand colour to try to represent sandstone. Acrylic resin has been used to mold the laurel leaves on each face of the memorial. The wreaths are made from garden wire with dyed saw dust as the flowers.

The most neglected is the Space Marine statue, overgrown by plants. The balsa plinth and the statue are painted in a concrete colour. The plants are teased out green scouring pads with dyed saw dust as the flowers. The birds nest is plumber's hemp soaked in PVA glue and moulded. The eggs are milliput clay.

Finally the Lord of the Rings statue is supposed to be cast in metal - green verdigris covers it. Another balsa plinth is done in GW grey again with a biro used to create the stone affect. Flock has been stuck with PVA.


Keywords: lotrS monumentsS shrinesS space marineS statuesS

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