Palletized Cargo

Created by Elderac and came 3rd in our our One Inch Base Competition.

For this competition, I chose to make a series of palletized cargo. To meet the criteria of a one inch base, I made each of the pallets one inch square. The tallest pallet load is 1-1/4 inch and the widest is 1-1/4 inch.

The pallets were made from craft sticks about the size of a matchstick and balsa wood. The balsa is 1/16 inch thick and 1/8 inch wide. This let me put four slats on each pallet with reasonable spacing.

After assembly, the pallets were given a wash with black paint mixed with water to weather them.

Roughly 1/3 of the objects are made from wooden bits commonly found in a hobby store. Depending on my intended purpose, some were given a wash while others were painted.

Some of the objects were made from bits that I found, such as a piece from a printer cartridge packing, the top of a hair spray bottle, and a wire fastener.

The largest group of objects were the pallet boxes. These were made from a piece of manila folder. I liked these because they were easy to make and I could add some variety in a similar object.

The straps are black construction paper with silver buckles painted on.

I started with a dozen good pallets and in the end, I had two left. Wanting to make a stack of pallets, I made a few more to stack.

The reference figure is a 28mm Star Wars figure from WotC. The forklift is from Matchbox and included for reference. The pallets fit very nicely on the tines.



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