Supply Cache

Created by extraevildave and came 2nd in our our One Inch Base Competition.

These 28mm scale supply caches/objective markers were created primarily for use in post-apocalyptic/dystopian game settings.

Among the supply caches are an assortment of wooden crates, cardboard boxes, weapons, ammunition, food and medical supplies and some miscellaneous luxury goods.

The wooden crates were primarily made from 15mm wooden craft blocks and 1mm or 2mm balsa wood scored for a planking effect. Once assembled, the crates were lightly stained with a very thin brown wash and assorted labels were printed out and glued into place.

The cardboard boxes were created from a couple of templates that I found on the internet a few years back and were modified by changing textures, labelling and varying the size and dimensions. The larger boxes are 200 GSM card around a foam core while the smaller are just card.

The smaller packages are made from multi layered card, depending on the thickness required (2 layers of 200GSM card for cigarette packets and 2 layers of 200GSM card sandwiching 1mm card for a cigarette carton).

The assorted weapons are spares from Wargames Factory “Apocalypse Survivors” miniature packs.

The bases are 1mm card painted up as stained and dirty concrete but not too filthy as they are meant to be found inside buildings and underground bunkers. They are obviously 1 inch across with a single 2 inch example.


Keywords: 28mmS basesS cardboardS containersS post-apocalypseS woodenS

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