A Taste of Chelsea

Created by lahmianvampyrevenom for our One Inch Base Competition.

A selection of features inspired by the RHS Chelsea Flower Show show gardens, all sculpted from clay, the tallest piece is the abstract sculpture which measures approximately 4 cm tall.

The first piece is a cube of African red granite, the cube was painted with a granite base coat and three shades of red were stippled on top using a scouring pad.

The second piece is a broken pillar. This was painted white then two shades of grey were stippled on and a darker grey used to produce the characteristic veins on the piece.

The third is an abstract sculpture. This was painted using a blue-grey and blended through to a near white highlight.

The final piece is a water feature pot. This was painted a granite base coat, followed by tin bitz. On top of this, a mix of tin bitz and dwarf bronze before a green wash was added. A coat of dwarf bronze mixed with shining gold was added for a metallic highlight before Nihilakh oxide was lightly washed on and then rubbed off to give it an aged appearance. Finally, several layers of water effect were added into the top of the pot and allowed to flow over the side slightly to give the piece a natural water flow effect.

All pieces were then based with glade grass to give a clean and new lawn appearance.


Keywords: gardensS stoneworkS waterS

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