Banners for Savage Races Ogre Kingdoms

Created by superscenic and came 1st in our our One Inch Base Competition.

Four Hide banners and four trophy poles for my Ogre Kingdoms Bone Town. Tallest is 4,8 inches / 12 cm Widest is 2.2 inches / 5.b cm. Bases are 4 mm steel bar for weight. The Hides are made from a type of tile adhesive on a membrane backing. Bones and skulls are made from epoxy. Painted with acrylic paint and based with sawdust. The metal parts are made from hammered nails and wire some of the rust is real.

Feature is a red Screaming Banner with "Magical" flames and a bound skeleton fused to the hide. Many of the hides have scaled backings implying Draconian origin. The Tassels are Fake fur.


Keywords: 28 mmS BannerS fantasy battleS ogre kingdomsS TrophiesS

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