Hannah's Hammer

Created by TheDreamer for our Old & Rusty Competition.

I wanted to create something that stood out as "old and rusty" but that was as simple as possible to create due to lack of time.
Selecting the side of a tank from the bits box this was modified with some large impact holes. Buried into a lump of ready-mixed plaster it was meant to represent a destroyed vehicle long since forgetten and slowing being reclaimed by nature. The iron of the tank could be rusted up, while the vegetation in and around the tank give a clue to the length of time it had been there.
The tree was created using wire twisted into the trunk and branches. Covered with a artists resin to represent the bark. Coloured using greys and khakis. The leaves were created using a teased out poly-fibre with green foam based flock over the top - stuck using spray on surface mount and a coat of spray fixative afterwards to give extra grip.
The tank was painted first and then had a variety of different rusts applied. The tanks name was left to stand out a little. The base was coated in light green flock with different types of other vegetation added to represent flowers, bushes and mosses etc. Ivy fronds extend from the tank up onto the tree, these were created using plumber's hemp. Various decayed leaves were stuck onto the tank, again to represent the age and decay of this once proud fighting machine.


Keywords: oldS rustyS treesS

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