Village Details

Created by Elderac for our Finest Five Competition.

My objective for this submission was to create 5 small items that would embellish a medieval or tribal sort of village.

Three of the items are on one inch (25mm) fender washers, the other two are on 30mm square bases made from matte board.

The well is made from pieces of wood built up like bricks and painted with earth tones to simulate clay. I gave it a wooden cover and added a bucket from a cannon set. The rope is a piece of off-white thread.

The fire pit is made from stones glued to the base. I mixed sand with PVC glue and black paint to form the ashes and finished it off with a dry brush of gray.

The hen house started as a 3/4 inch (~18mm) block which was covered with balsa strips. The roof is made of Sculpy and painted to simulate thatch.

The outhouse was made similarly with two 1/2 inch (~13mm) blocks. It is covered with balsa strips.

The balsa on the well, hen house, and outhouse were given a wash of black paint to weather them.

The clay oven is another Sculpy model, again painted with earth tones to simulate clay.



Keywords: housesS medievalS thatchS wellsS

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