Four Doors and a Throne 3cmx3cm Details

Created by superscenic and came 2nd in our our Finest Five Competition.

These Doors are for my Keep "Roquefort" Each door is 3cm Tall. Cut from pieces of wood and clad with thin metal sheets cut with shears and folded with needle nose pliers. The Barred door is meant to look resilient against enemies trying to ram it from the battlements. The Orc door is to go with my evil race theme and also for something fun.

The front door is the most bland with plain "Bronze" Pyramidal plating. The Balcony double doors are meant to look like trees and have clear perspex panels for glass.

The Throne is based on the AGOT iron throne. The Throne stands 3cm tall and has a base painted to look like gold streaked marble. Each sword is cut and pinched from Aluminium sheet. The sheet was sanded both sides before I cut pieces from it so that it has a texture that holds aging paint.


Keywords: 28mmS doorsS keepS

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