Adding detail to a thatched cottage

Created by TheDreamer and came 1st in our our Finest Five Competition.

For this competition I decided to add some little details to an unfinished thatched cottage that I started a few years ago. The first part was a window box with plants growing out it. The window itself was glazed and curtains added. The net curtain is a "tea bag". The plants a mixture of mosses and static grass with coloured sawdust as flowers.

The door was created from balsa wood with a wire door knocker added. Rusty hinges completes the detail. Next to the door is a wood pile for the fire inside. A simple structure with chopped wood stacked drying ready for use. These are made from a real twig cut up.

Inside the house is the fireplace - a bit rough and ready, but shows a small grate with embers and ash at the bottom with wood starting to burn. Coloured tissue paper back lit by a small LED gives an impression of the fire burning.

The last bit of detail is a boar's head, a trophy mounted on a mahogony base. The colour of the wood has been created with red and brown inks. The boar's head is a GW model.

Each of the detail pieces are less than the 3 cm as can be seen from the small ruler in each picture.


Keywords: cottageS doorsS fireS foliageS

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