Vampire Count Objective Markers

Created by lahmianvampyrevenom and came 3rd in our our Finest Five Competition.

This piece consists of five objective markers for use with Vampire Counts in Warhammer. The pieces are a coffin, a pile of scrolls, a virgin, a spell book and a black periapt.

The coffin was made by carving polystyrene foam into shape and adding a piece of cardboard. It was then painted graduating from a dark grey to a lighter grey. The plaque was painted gold and tin bitz was used to create the inscription. The rock was sculpted from clay and the tiles on the base are painted free hand.

The scrolls were made using thin card wrapped around a cocktail stick. The seals were made from clay while the ties were sewing cotton. The writing was ink applied with a cocktail stick.

The virgin was sculpted from clay on a polystyrene plinth made to look like marble. She was painted with her dress detailed in gold brocade, missing in areas where the bodice is torn.

The spell book was created using sculpted polystyrene foam backed on cardboard. The writing was ink applied with a cocktail stick. The magical stand was made by twisting numerous lengths of florists wire into shape.

The black periapt was made from an acrylic aquarium stone which was then painted, highlighted and green veins added for an eery glow.

All fie pieces are based on polystyrene approximately 3 cm by 3 cm and 1 cm high.


Keywords: furnishingsS markersS objectiveS rocksS stoneworkS warhammerS

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