Necromunda Sub-Pen/Sump/Skimmer Pad

Created by djmothra and came 3rd in our our Convertible / Reversible Competition.

A reversible Submarine Pen / Sump /Skimmer Pad.

It is based on a portable whiteboard - it is 9.5" in length and 7" width. It is only about a quarter of an inch thick, although the conning tower sits about 4" high (4.5" with the vent in place)

The 'Water' side has a few different configurations, it can be used with no additions - will count as some kind of toxic pool - the Submarine Conning tower can be added to make the Sub-Pen - it sits on top of a small bit of clear plasti-card that has been painted the same as the rest of the water.

The Hatch of the Conning Tower is also removable.

The Landing Pad / Skimmer side has been made to look like it can open. The Conning Tower is also used to make a separate bit of standalone scenery - the hatch is removed and reversed to make some kind of cooling vent that sits on top of the tower.

It has been made for use in 25/30mm scale Skirmish games - the figure in the pictures is a DV Cultist.


Keywords: landing padsS necromundaS poolsS towersS ventS waterS

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