Desert Mound or Missile Base?

Created by TheDreamer and came 2nd in our our Convertible / Reversible Competition.

My entry is scaled at 1/56 or 28mm. It measures roughly 10 inches long, 8 inches wide and about 2 inches deep, 5 inches with the missile launch bay open.

Based around an old "floppy disk" box, it has been built up of readymix plaster with some blue insulation foam to create rock outcrops. A not entirely successful attempt has been made to disguise the square box within the landscape.

The desert terrain was covered with a layer of fine sand and painted using artists acrylics - dark brown for the rock and a lighter colour base coat for the sand. Successive dry brushing was done with lighter colours.

Static grass was added together with plastic cacti to try to create a desert environment. The cacti were given a green basecoat with different green inks to create depth to them.

Lifting the top of the mound reveals the missile base. 6 silos in total ready to fire. After various attempts at nose cone creation it was decided upon using wooden plugs put through a pencil sharpener. Painted white I wanted these to contrast with the grey of the concrete of the base and the browns of the desert outside.


Keywords: basesS cactiS CactusS desertS MissileS Underground baseS

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