A Sandbag Redoubt

Created by TheDreamer and came 1st in our our The Last Stand Competition.

This 1/56 scale terrain piece depicts a small redoubt made from sandbags. It measures roughly 20 cm long, 15 cm wide and about 7 cm at its highest.

Sitting on a foamboard base the sandbags were made from DAS air dryed clay (and a few of the last ones were of Milliput). Just over 300 sandbags were individually made. Simply rolled the DAS into a sausage shape, flattened it down into roughly rectangle shapes. None were made to a precise size to try to give an idea of the hurried nature of the construction of the redoubt.

Wooden stirring sticks were used as planks for the raised firing platform and as duck boards to provide a dry walkway around the muddy interior of the redoubt.

Raised firing steps were made from twigs, to replicate logs being used. Also sandbag ones were created, one with planks laid across big enough for three figures.

The sandbags were given a black wash to start with and then given a coat of "pale umber" acyrlic paint followed by lighter washes of brown. The mud was created using an acyrlic resin mixed with various browns and stippled on.

Around the perimeter of the redoubt I used green flock to create a grass affect.


Keywords: mudS RedoubtS sandbagsS

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