Battle of Agincourt - longbowman's stand

Created by TheDreamer and came 3rd in our our The Last Stand Competition.

This entry is scaled at 1/72 or 4mm. It measures about 8 inches across and 6 inches wide, and about an inch at most high.

It depicts the sort of fortifications that the English longbowman would have made in their defiant last stand against the French men-at-arms and cavalry.

Rather than a large set piece as I have made in past competitions and my other entry in this competition I wanted to try something I've not done before. Small modular items that go to make up the whole but that can be moved around and used elsewhere.

The base is made from 3 layers of 5mm foam board, cut and stuck to resemble a small hill. A small section had acyrlic resin scultured on it to resemble a small rock outcrop. The hill was covered in green flock while the outcrop was textured in grey with small boulders stuck on (small gravel).

The barricades took several forms - sharp stakes (cocktail sticks) stuck into high strength adhesive, on a plasticard strip. This was painted and flocked.

Another barricade was made to represent bundles of sticks tied together. These were created using plumber's hemp with cotton representing the rope.

The third kind of barrier were a series of boulders that might have been rolled into position. Finally other barricades that were made planks (stirring sticks cut into small strips).

Very simple model but one that can be varied very easily and all the parts can be reused or expanded.


Keywords: AgincourtS barricadesS brushwoodS Last StandS StakesS

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