Batch Silo

Created by nealcrankshaw and came 2nd in our our 15cm/6in Base Competition.

This entry represents a batch silo (used for mixing specific batches of different materials as the need arises). It is the sort of thing you would find in a light industrial region of a city. When thinking of how to use a toilet paper tube, "silo" was my first thought and "three silos" followed soon after.

The silos themselves are kitchen towel tubes covered with brown craft paper to disguise them a bit. The art deco detailing on the silos and the circular restraining barriers at the top are from cereal box cardboard. The vertical poles on the very top are cut from ear bud stalks. The piping is all made from drinking straws.

The supporting structure is made entirely from plastic card. I made the H and I beams by gluing thin strips of plastic card together with liquid cement. The ladders are all made from security fencing mesh (or something like that). The yellow hand rail on the supporting structure is made from wire.


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