Created by Longshanks and came 3rd in our our 15cm/6in Base Competition.

The piece is part of my ongoing project to build scenery pieces for an Esgaroth on the Long Lake setting. Given the constraints of the competition, I thought that a windmill would be a good choice.

The core of the model is a pringles tube, mounted on a CD. To create the sloping sides I cut a piece of cork to fit. I then plastered (spackled) the surface. The base is made using a foamcore box and then sided with balsa wood. The sloping roof joining the tower to the base was constructed using a cardboard frame and then covered with individually cut out wooden tiles. I've tried to shade it giving the impression that it's an old well used mill and the roof has started to sag a little.

I didn't use foamcore for the cap (bit at the top), I just used balsa using a pretty standard frame and wall technique. Again it has been capped with individually cut out wooden tiles.

The sails are made from balsa, the drive shaft is a piece of dowelling (harder wood) and yes the sails do turn. There were some fiddly bits and I did a lot of pinning to hold them in place. I've left the sails looking a little rough 'n ready rather than the perfectly finished crafted pieces that they would have actually been. The sails are made from tissue paper and lightly soaked in a water/ PVA mix to strengthen them. They dried taught over the frame which I really like the look of. I then drybrushed them using Foundry colours Rawhide, Raw Linen and White.


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