Ruined Temple and Pipe Organ

Created by DarthJason for our 15cm/6in Base Competition.

I'm really proud of this piece, as I made it completely out of simple materials, easily found in the rubbish, in fact, everything came from the trash. I thought of using the toilet paper roll as a tube, but couldn't figure out exactly how, then I found the medium cardboard rolls, some straws, and eureka! I immediately thought of a pipe organ.

A scrap of foamcore was used for the base. To make the cracks I pressed the tip of my thin pliers and let them spring open. All the corner cracks are made in this way. The longer narrow tubes are straws. To keep them together I glued a strip of cardboard behind them and when dry, glued it in position on the base.

The medium 'brass' tubes are paper rolls from embroidery cotton, I made a notch in the middle of them and glued them on the "stone" piece where the organ keyboard was going to be. The stool is a piece of balsa wood.

The stone piece is just a piece of polystyrene, and the keys are a strip of foamcore. The window frame is also cardboard, and the stained glass window is made from a Pringles lid.

I gave everything a first white creamy coat and then used leftovers mixed with plastic and wood sawdust to texture walls and stone. The walls had various layers of black, brown and orange washes, and the floor had a grey and white drybrush. Tubes were painted brass, washed brown, and drybrushed yellow. The big fat tubes were painted black and heavily drybrushed oily steel. An orange wash was given to these two. A little green was added to enhance weathering, and the stained glass window got broken and scattered.


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