Communications Relay Tower

Created by kaarem for our 15cm/6in Base Competition.

The 15cm Base Competition gave me a chance to build an objective for use in wargames and I decided to make a radio tower based on 3 CDs and a toilet paper roll.

I used a standard CD for the base and another for the antenna disc. The tower itself was a toilet paper roll mounted on a base made from a plastic handle from my bits box topped with a platform made from a small CD.

The mounting for the antenna was built from an electrical plug, a piece of plasticard and a screw. The receiver was made from a plastic pipette from an old laser printer topped with a screw. The disc was rimmed by microchips mounted on plastic stirring pins heated and bent 90 degrees. The platform supports were cut from foamcore.

The tower was coated with grey paint and wheat flour. The platform - after being covered with a plastic net - was painted metal and washed in black and brown ink. The mounting was painted metal and washed in black paint.

The disc was painted light grey on the underside and left bare on the upperside. The chips and supports for the disc were painted bronze.

The base of the whole thing was painted sand brown and finished with nylon grass and assorted vegetation (a plastic aquarium plant, a natural stone and various scatter from the model railway business) to match my jungle terrain.


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