Thermal Vent Stack

Created by PTI:TS for our 15cm/6in Base Competition.

The undercity of Protean Prime relies on many of these Thermal Vent Stacks to regulate the temperature of both the undercity and the surface. In recent years the leavings of the ork Waaagh of Guttoof have begun to become more eminent. Small bands of feral orks have been exterminated; but encounters are being reported with more frequency. The Imperial Guard have been taking measures, including regular sweeps of the undercity vent shafts; mainly due to reports from the Arbites of 'Kommandos' (Imp.ref. Xen6509q64 398M40) in the tunnels.

The Thermal Vent Stack was created using the main ingredients of the competition: a toilet paper roll and a Pringles tube. They are mounted on bamboo skewers to a 6"x6" base. The fence is bamboo skewers and aluminium craft mesh. I painted it using GW paints, and detailed it with some printed signs.


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