Underhive Terrain

Created by Eazy-O for our 15cm/6in Base Competition.

These pieces represent a couple of ruined support and supply pillars in a Necromundan Underhive. Two of them have also been converted into lookout towers by the local gangs.

Construction was pretty simple with broken up hardboard forming the base and cardboard tube filled with paper forming the pillar itself. I also used some PVA glue and sawdust mix for the ruined damaged sections. The rest is bits of cardboard (platform, parapet), some foamcore and string (lower floor), drinking straws and some cables (piping). The ladders are regular bent pins.

I undercoated everything black and painted the pillars grey and yellow with tempera paint. The rest got a light spray of silver and heavy weathering was applied via a number of watered down paint washes.

All in all, I like how it came out, though it could use some more detailing. It has already seen some gaming use and performs great. Trust me, you do not want to face a couple of snipers up there.


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