Vegetation Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Andadas who specified the following criteria:

I want a piece based on vegetation. It must have some sort of plant life as the prominent feature. Think big for this one. There are no limits to how or with what you make your plant life just make alot of it. Things you could make are a forest of trees, crops, hedge rows, a REALLY overgrown ruin, and anything else your imagination can come up with. Simply grassing a base or a grass field wont cut it.

The competition was won by Longshanks

  • #1
    Vicious Plant
    by Longshanks (1st)
  • #2
    Alien forest
    by px166bajaj (2nd)
  • #3
    Floating Plant
    by Hank Cowdog (3rd)
  • #4
    Polystyrene Quaver Forest
    by AndySlater